VTAC Skirmish Belt With Underbelt

Manufacturer: Viking Tactics
SKU: vtac-skirmish-belt-with-underbelt-kg

VTAC SKIRMISH BELT with UNDERBELT: If you want a lightweight belt that is stiff enough to handle the heaviest loads the VTAC Skirmish Belt is the right choice. The VTAC-SBU comes with hook lining which grabs the included under-belt. This belt is narrower than our standard VTAC Battle Belt and the stiffener has been removed in the front to allow for easy movement into and out of non-standard shooting positions. The VTAC Skirmish Belt can be rigged to allow for mounting gear 360' around. The first of it’s kind the VTAC Belt series have slots which allow you to choose how you attach your gear to your belt. Completely modular and completely Made in the USA. COBRA BELT SOLD SEPARATELY

Color Options:
Black Skirmish / Black Underbelt
Coyote Skirmish / Coyote Underbelt
*MCam Skirmish / Black Underbelt (MC/BK)
**MCam Skirmish / Coyote Underbelt (MC/CT)
OD Skirmish / OD Underbelt

**Take out a tape measure and measure - please do not report in your pants/waist size.**

Skirmish Belt (360' fit so pick the size that is closest, but does not exceed your measured waist)
(Laid on a table - Measured Lengths)
Med - 33 1/2"
Large - 36 1/2"
XL - 40"
XXL - 43"

Made in the USA!