The Kafir Gear Story
The Kafir Gear Story The last decade has shown us a LOT of changes. Without reflection it may be hard to set up the reason we are who we are and why we chose to call our Kafir Gear just what it is: Kafir Gear. We have already received a little criticism here and there for confusion between the word “kaffir” (which is not our brand) and the word “Kafir.” Let’s take a step back a decade and we can do this quickly. One of the biggest political climate changes took place with the election of Barak Hussein Obama and I was one of the skeptical hopefuls that he would succeed as a president. Why would any red-blooded, baseball or football loving, Constitutional supporting American hope for anything but a president’s success? After all our economy, rights, businesses, international affairs and fundamental beliefs all are reflected and affected by the most powerful seat in the known world. Now, I’m not here to debate the Illuminati, the actual Fed and deep state that may or may not control that seat but I am here to say that the United States President and its representation is a reflection of the political, economic, moral and ethical winds of the controlling organization, no matter who you believe that is; the voters or the illuminati.
The Kafir Gear 458 SOCOM – What are the Questions?
The Kafir Gear 458 SOCOM – What are the Questions? To this day I still have some questions about the 458 SOCOM. I have heard a lot of guys talk about just how much lead this thing slings down the range and that at 100 yards it is pretty “badass.” Apparently it has about 3.75 feet of drop at 400 yards so for purposes of this overview let’s talk about it being pretty badass up to 100 yards. Here are some of the specs I did not know prior to looking at these rifles. It can be built on a standard AR15 lower platform Average velocity is around 1,900 ft/s (5.56 is about 2,700) Average bullet size is about 300-grain (similar to that of a 50 bmg) Magazines are a modified 5.56 NATO with single stack capability
Kids and Guns are a recipe for Disaster?
This has been debated over and over again. As school shootings, accidents with firearms and homicides happen, so will the debates. Rather than having a discussion about what should be the norm. This topic often turns into a political debate and used as a grenade to be launched at the opposing side of the issue. Years ago Americans used to say things like, “you catch more flies with honey than salt,” or “a kind word turns away wrath.” It was more common practice for members of the school board and parents to sit down and discuss measures to resolve problems. City council meetings were attended in larger numbers and town hall meetings were a time when the citizenry talked over topics that affected their community. Unfortunately the television, sporting events and hobbies seem to be leading the focus of most Americans these days.